Your economy needs you. You need your economy!
Let’s all play our part.

At Ballygarvan Stonecraft, our intention is to serve the needs of the public in constructing gardens around their homes. In spite of the economic downturn, which is primarily influenced by global financial readjustments and fear, our local economy is still of value to us all and has at this time many positive offerings.  

Citizens still inspired to better their lives.

Value for money pricing

Availability of skilled labour 

Quality time available to ensure a job well done.


All good companies know where their cut-off points are in regard to pricing. Now is the time to avail of present opportunities. Your life is right now. Enjoy it with what you can have now. There is a lot of enjoyment wasted in waiting. 

It’s not just having money that makes us happy, it’s what we can have in exchange for it.


"This is not a business mantra or part of a marketing ploy. When I am out and about driving through towns or countryside, I am much more aware and observant of construction and home-improvement projects that are taking place. These are the people who, at a local level are keeping the economy going.

A few short years ago during the height of the Celtic tiger and the incessant rushing and business that is created, the appreciation of the simplicities and complexities of life passed us by. Even though there appeared to be loads of money around in those times and the yearly increase in volumes of business was very challenging to keep up with, at one level, although we are now in the depths of a recession, I wonder do we really want to go back to those times. Being over-busied creates as many problems as it solves. This can lead to hurried decisions, lowering of standards in workmanship and service and increased costs and downtime.

When work is plentiful the customer is often the one to suffer.

Now in these so-called recessionary times, we can look at our situation in several ways. We can choose to look at it as an opportunity to see the glass half full or half empty. We can become dis-empowered as businesses, as communities, as families, and as individuals buy the incessant procrastination of daily negative news or we can create a more balanced and sustainable economy going forward. We here at Ballygarvan Stonecraft, even though we have had to endure cutbacks, have found the time to do some in-depth soul searching to re-evaluate our position going forward. It has been a surprise how inefficient we had become in our overall operation. This is not a reflection on our staff but a result of keeping up with demand.

We have completely reorganised our structure and like the half-time team talk, we have a plan of action to deal with what we are facing. We have looked at our companies and individuals strengths and like any good team that are willing to take the game to the opposition (the doom and gloom brigade), we know that we have the support of a committed fan base. At this point in time, the unsung heroes of this economy may well be the public that is out there doing their part investing their income in improving their homes, businesses and communities. It takes brave and courageous people to spend money in these times as it takes brave and courageous players to win the game.


Sadly, the political will to encourage and inspire inventiveness has been lost to the merchants of doom and gloom.

Our leaders seem to be in denial of the fact that they have participated in the first half of the game and now that the stakes are higher are suffering from the arrogance of beating soft teams all along. Now the time has arrived to separate the women from the girls and the men from the boys. Government policies aimed at the big boys of banking and industry at the expense of the rest of us have the effect of haemorrhaging the lifeblood out of our economy.  To quote Abraham Lincoln, You always get the government you deserve. I hope that our leaders and captains of industry have seen the errors of their ways and that policies infused with wisdom will surface in the years to come, to propel us on to a fairer and equitable society that encompasses all the needs of the planet.

Initiative in these times is worthy of applause and we here at Ballygarvan Stonecraft acknowledge this in the members of the public either visiting our premises or our website. It’s because of you and us that the show goes on. We hope that you will consider us worthy of your business and if you choose to do business elsewhere we acknowledge your contribution to the stimulation of our local economy. We finally take this opportunity to wish everybody a pleasant and rewarding journey ahead."

Sean O Halloran 

Either the government must have the capacity to educate and reform the people or the people must have the capacity to educate and reform the government.

Here at the Barn Store, we offer two garden design services.

The first service includes a call-out to the garden to be designed, where we interview the client and survey the site, take photos and measurement. Back at the office we come up with a design and draw it to scale. The drawing includes a detailed planting plan and detailed patio plan. The materials are quantified and a construction cost and a planting cost are included. For more information call 0201 48845