Inspiring Ideas

Inspiring Ideas... soul-utions that work!

What do we really mean to convey to our customers when we present our advertising and marketing strategies, company logos, tag lines, mission statements etc.?  Can we really stand confidently beside what we portray ourselves as being?  Let's take a closer look at what Ballygarvan Stonecraft is aspiring to be in our community/economy.  We would like to think that we have the abilities and creativity to transform soul-less spaces into enjoyable places.  How we have come to know this is that for over 30years we as a company has itself been inspired by the artistic and creative endeavour that has formulated the landscaping sector in Ireland by people such as garden designers, landscape architects, horticulturists, stonemasons, wood craftsmen, sculptures, painters, mould makers, geomancers, DIY enthusiasts etc.  We see ourselves as a link in a chain of people who are inspired by the beauty we live in to compliment and remind us of our place within it.  The landscape is truly a place we live in.
a Transforming soul-less spaces into enjoyable places.

Consider for a moment the locations we live in, the homes, the apartments, the villages, the towns, the cities, the workplaces... Once upon a time, these were countryside rural landscapes abounding with the sound smells and life forces of nature.  Intrinsically humans were attracted and are still attracted to these places. 

Is this the soul essence of what we are trying to connect to when we have a desire to create gardens and landscapes that can be a place of refuge especially when times are hard, a place to relax and regain strength or quite simply a sanctuary or a place where children can play?  Certainly, as a society, we have created many, soul-less spaces in our pursuit of modernity to the detriment of the natural world that surrounds us.  As individuals and through the properties that we have committed to we have the opportunity to re-balance the energies and the flow that have been disrupted during the course of human evolution. 

These nice little spaces that we construct in our gardens, those vegetative areas that we create all contribute to a re-balancing of the environment we live in, a place where we come to work, rest and play.  Maybe these are the banks we should be investing our money in, the banks of land that we are custodians of, so that the usage of our money gives us the joy and rewards of a project well done.  It's not the amount of money that we accumulate in this lifetime that makes us special it's how we spend it! 

We here at Ballygarvan Stonecraft appreciate your custom and look forward to inspiring you with our product range to create the home and the lifestyle you desire.  Every moment you are happy with what you do,  is a gift to the rest of the world.  Allow us to participate in that space you are about to create.

Yours sincerely,
Sean O'Halloran